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Teachers whisky price

In this article we will provide a information about Teachers whisky Price in India. Teachers Whisky is a well-known Scotch whisky brand with a long history and high standards.The premium components used in the creation of Teachers whisky are responsible for its particular flavour. A rich and malty foundation is provided by the malted barley and complexity and depth are added by the corn and rye. Malt and grain whiskies are carefully combined to create Teachers Whisky.

Now we will discuss about Teachers whisky price in each volume sizes (60ml, 180ml, 375ml and 750ml)

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Teachers Whisky Price in India | 750ml Teachers Whisky Price

Brand and CitiesVolume Price
Teachers Scotch whisky price in Delhi750ml₹2100 
Teachers Scotch whisky price in Up750ml₹1600
Teachers Scotch whisky price in Haryana750ml₹1450
Teachers whisky price in Kolkata750ml₹1450
Teachers whisky price in Hyderabad750ml₹2500
Teachers whisky price in Punjab750ml₹1600
Teachers whiksy price in Mumbai750ml₹2200
Teachers whisky price in Goa750ml₹1000
Teachers whisky price in Kerala750ml₹2500
Teachers whisky price in Jharkhand750ml₹2300
Teachers whisky price in Assam750ml₹2200
Teachers whisky price in Chandigarh750ml₹1800
Teachers whisky price in Andhra Pradesh750ml₹2300
Teachers whisky price in Telangana750ml₹2500
Teachers whisky price in Chennai750ml₹2200
Teachers whisky price in Odisha750ml₹2300
Teachers whisky price in Bangalore750ml₹2600
Teachers whisky price in Pune750ml₹2300
Teachers whisky price in Rajasthan750ml₹2500

Teachers Whisky Price in Delhi 2023

BrandVolume Price in Delhi
Teachers 50 Whisky price1000ml₹2400
Teachers 50 Whisky price750ml₹2030
Teachers 50 Whisky price375ml₹1015
Teachers 50 Whisky price180ml₹500
Teachers 50 Whisky price60ml₹170
Teachers Highland Cream whisky price1000ml₹2060
Teachers Highland Cream whisky price750ml₹1550
Teachers Highland Cream whisky price375ml₹770
Teachers Highland Cream whisky price180ml₹390
Teachers Highland Cream whisky price60ml₹125

Teachers Whisky Price in Up 2023

Brandvolume Price in UP
Teachers 50 Whisky price1000ml₹2800
Teachers 50 Whisky price750ml₹2080
Teachers 50 Whisky price375ml₹1070
Teachers 50 Whisky price180ml₹540
Teachers 50 Whisky price60ml₹190
Teachers Highland Cream whisky price1000ml₹2100
Teachers Highland Cream whisky price750ml₹1600
Teachers Highland Cream whisky price375ml₹800
Teachers Highland Cream whisky price180ml₹400
Teachers Highland Cream whisky price60ml₹150

Teachers Whisky Price in Kolkata 2023

BrandVolume Price in Kolkata
Teachers 50 Whisky price1000ml₹4000
Teachers 50 Whisky price750ml₹3520
Teachers 50 Whisky price375ml₹1700
Teachers 50 Whisky price180ml₹800
Teachers 50 Whisky price60ml₹260
Teachers Highland Cream whisky price1000ml₹2600
Teachers Highland Cream whisky price750ml₹2200
Teachers Highland Cream whisky price375ml₹1100
Teachers Highland Cream whisky price180ml₹550
Teachers Highland Cream whisky price60ml₹180

Teachers Whisky Price review :

About Teachers Whisky

Alcohol Percentage42.8%
Country of originIndia
Establishment Year1830

William Teacher created Teachers whisky for the first time in 1830. Born out of a desire to produce the best whiskies possible Teacher set out to build a brand that would appeal to whisky connoisseurs all around the world.Scottish made Teachers Whisky is made by Beam Suntory Inc. a division of Japanese Suntory Holdings.In India,the United Kingdom and other areas of Europe the brand is well known.since 2014.

The enjoyable experience of tasting Teachers Whisky exposes its great craftsmanship and distinctive flavour profile. It piques the interest of the senses from the first whiff thanks to its alluring aroma of honey, malted barley, and toffee. The whisky slowly coats your mouth as you take a drink, revealing layers of flavour. Rich, luscious fruits are highlighted on the palate, and they are counterbalanced by delicate floral notes. A hint of smokiness adds complexity and depth for a flavour that is absolutely unique. Teachers Whisky’s velvety, well-rounded texture adds to the enjoyment and leaves a delightful, lingering finish.

Teachers Whisky has accumulated a sizable number of honours which indicate to its high calibre and craftsmanship. It has constantly been acknowledged as a top tier whisky thanks to awards from prestigious events including the International Spirits Challenge, San Francisco World Spirits Competition, and World Whiskies Awards.

Teachers Whisky is widely available in well stocked liquor stores and online retailers. You may easily find a bottle to enjoy at home or to share with friends on special occasions because to its widespread popularity. The cost of Teachers Whisky varies based on where you live the size of the bottle and any supplemental taxes or import charges. It is frequently regarded as a whisky that offers great value for the quality it provides at a fair price.

Teachers Whisky Variants

1.Teachers Highland Cream:This is Teachers Whiskys flagship variety. The smoothness of grain whiskies and the richness of malt whiskies are combined in this blended Scotch whisky. With its balanced flavors and creamy texture Teachers Highland Cream is a flexible and approachable choice.

2. Teachers 50:A limited edition product known as Teachers 50 celebrates the brands 50 year partnership with the Professional Golfers Association (PGA). It is a blend of specially selected whiskies aged for a minimum of 12 years resulting in a refined and complex flavor profile.

3. Teachers Origin:The brands history and roots are honoured through Teachers Origin. The single malt whisky from Ardmore which is famed for its smokey and peaty flavour has an impact on the blend. With undertones of earthy smoke and a tinge of sweetness this variation has a richer more robust flavour.

4. Teachers 25:An exclusive expression called Teachers 25 was created to commemorate the brands 175th birthday. Grain and malt whiskies that have been matured for at least 25 years have been combined to create this rare batch of whisky. It has a lengthy, gratifying finish, layers of complexity and a rich indulgent flavour profile.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the price of Teachers Highland Cream whiskey in Kolkata?

The price of Teachers Highland Cream whisky 750ml in Kolkata is 2450 Rupees.

What is the price of Teachers whiskey in UP?

The price of Teachers whisky 750ml in UP is 1600 Rupees.

Is Teachers Scotch or whiskey?

Scotch,Teachers Whisky is a well known Scotch whisky brand with a long history and high standards.The premium components used in the creation of Teachers whisky are responsible for its particular flavour.

What is the cost of Teachers Scotch whisky in Delhi?

The cost of Teachers Scotch whisky 750ml Bottle in Delhi is 1550 Rupees.

what is the category of Teachers whisky?

Now days,3 varient of Teachers scotch whisky brand running in a indian market. Teachers Highland Cream Scotch Whisky, Teachers 50 Scotch Whisky and Teachers Origin Scotch Whisky.


We sincerely hope that this article has given you more information on the current Teachers scotch price in India. It is essential to comprehend that the price of alcoholic beverages is shaped by several variables such as state taxes, customer demand, and production expenses.
Therefore in order to find out the exact cost of Teachers Scotch whisky in India we advise that you visit your nearest local alcohol retailer.

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