Rockford Whisky Price 2023[updated list]

In this article we will provide a information about Rockford whisky Price in India. Rockford whisky: A Smooth and distinctive Blend for Whisky Lovers

This premium brand of blended Scotch whisky has gained a reputation for its smooth taste, distinctive flavor, and timeless style.

Now we will discuss about rockford whisky price in each volume sizes (90ml, 180ml, 375ml and 750ml)

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Rockford Whisky Price in India

CitiesVolumeRockford whisky price
Rockford whisky price in Delhi750ml₹760
Rockford whisky price in Up750ml₹850
Rockford whisky price in Haryana750ml₹750
Rockford whisky price in Mumbai750ml₹850
Rockford whisky price in Assam750ml₹790
Rockford whisky price in Uttarakhand750ml₹790
Rockford classic price in Haryana750ml₹900
Rockford classic price in Pune750ml₹750
Rockford whisky price in Odisha750ml₹800
Rockford whisky price in Punjab750ml₹760
Rockford whisky price in Kolkata750ml₹790
Rockford whisky price in Chandigarh750ml₹810
Rockford whisky price in Hyderabad750ml₹830
Rockford whisky price in Telangana750ml₹820
Rockford whisky price in Tamilnadu750ml₹820
Rockford whisky price in Gurgaon750ml₹750
Rockford whisky price in Bangalore750ml₹810
Rockford whisky price in Ap750ml₹830
Rockford whisky price in Rajasthan750ml₹790

Rockford Whisky Price in UP-2023

Brandvolume Price in UP
Rockford Whisky750ml₹850
Rockford Reserve Super Premium Whisky price in Up750ml₹920
Rockford Classic Whisky Super Premium Whisky price in Up750ml₹780
Rockford Whisky375ml₹470
Rockford Reserve Whisky Price in Up375ml₹490
Rockford Classic Whisky Price in Up375ml₹450
Rockford Whisky180ml₹230
Rockford Reserve Whisky180ml₹260
Rockford Classic Whisky180ml₹240
Rockford Whisky90ml₹120
Rockford Reserve Whisky90ml₹130
Rockford Classic Whisky90ml₹120

Rockford Whisky Price in Pune-2023

Brandvolume Price in Pune
Rockford Classic Whisky in Pune1000ml/1Ltr₹980
Rockford Reserve Super Premium Whisky price in Pune1000ml/1Ltr₹1500
Rockford Classic Whisky Super Premium Whisky price in Pune1000ml/1Ltr₹1060
Rockford Whisky750ml₹750
Rockford Reserve Whisky price in Pune750ml₹1200
Rockford Classic Whisky price in Pune750ml₹800
Rockford Whisky375ml₹380
Rockford Reserve Whisky375ml₹610
Rockford Classic Whisky375ml₹410
Rockford Whisky180ml₹190
Rockford Reserve Whisky180ml₹260
Rockford Classic Whisky180ml₹210
Rockford Whisky90ml₹90
Rockford Reserve Whisky90ml₹120
Rockford Classic Whisky90ml₹110

Rockford Whisky Price in Delhi-2023

Brandvolume Price in Delhi
Rockford classic price in Delhi1000ml/1Ltr₹990
Rockford Reserve Super Premium Whisky Price in Delhi1000ml/1Ltr ₹1400
Rockford Classic Super Premium Whisky Price in Delhi1000ml/1Ltr ₹1050
Rockford Whisky750ml₹760
Rockford Reserve Super Premium Whisky750ml ₹1190
Rockford Classic Super Premium Whisky750ml₹810
Rockford Whisky375ml₹360
Rockford Reserve Super Premium Whisky375ml₹620
Rockford Classic Super Premium Whisky375ml ₹410
Rockford Whisky180ml₹175
Rockford Reserve Super Premium Whisky180ml₹305
Rockford Classic Super Premium Whisky180ml₹200
Rockford Whisky90ml₹100
Rockford Reserve Super Premium Whisky90ml₹160
Rockford Classic Super Premium Whisky90ml₹110
Rockford whisky Price

About Rockford Whisky

Rockford whisky is recognized for its smooth and well-rounded flavor which is achieved by blending malt sweetness with grain richness.The brand’s emphasis on the natural qualities of the whiskies it blends contributes to a nuanced and subtle taste. As such rockford whisky can be enjoyed either neatly or with ice.

The bottle design features a sleek and simple shape with a black label and gold lettering that evoke a sense of sophistication and refinement. The brand name itself Rockford conveys a sense of ruggedness and authenticity that reflects the whisky’s Scottish heritage and quality.

One of the premium whiskies that sets Rockford Whisky apart from other whisky brands sold in India.The two partners in this joint venture of Rockford whisky are an Indian company by the name of Umesh Modi Group and an Italian company by the name of IIva Saranno. Modi Illva India Pvt Ltd group is the name of the joint venture.

The exact recipe is closely guarded. However it’s believed that the blend includes both malt and grain whiskies aged for at least 12 years.A master blender who ensures that the finished product the brand’s requirements for quality and consistency meticulously chooses and blends the whiskies.Upon blending the whisky is bottled at 40% ( by volume) and sold in a few international markets. While not being as widely accessible as some other brands rockford whisky has a devoted following among drinkers who value its distinctive and aesthetic.

There are a few liquor stores and online sellers selling Rockford whisky all over the world notably in the UK, US, Canada, and Australia.To purchase a bottle of Rockford whisky you might need to look online or in specialty whisky stores depending on where you live.

Depending on the market, the bottle size and the edition, Rockford whisky’s price may change.However it is typically regarded as a premium brand that provides good value for its quality.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the rate of Rockford in kolkata?

The rate of Rockford Reserve Super Premium Whisky (750ml) Bottle is 1180 Rupees,Rockford Classic Super Premium Whisky (750ml) is 890 Rupees.

How much alcohol in Rockford whisky?

Rockford is a brand of Indian whisky and alcohol content is 40%( by volume).

Is Rockford scotch or whisky?

Whisky, Rockford is the brand of Indian whisky.

What is the cost of Rockford ?

The average cost of Rockford 750ml Bottle in india is 800 Rupees.

what is the category of Rockford whisky?

Now days,3 varient of Rockford whisky brand running in a indian market. Rockford Classic whisky, Rockford Classic Super Premium Whisky and Rockford Reserve Super Premium Whisky.


We sincerely hope that this article has given you more information on the current Rockford whisky price in India. It is essential to comprehend that the price of alcoholic beverages is shaped by several variables such as state taxes, customer demand, and production expenses.
Therefore in order to find out the exact cost of Rockford whisky in India we advise that you visit your nearest local retailer.

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