Whiskey Brands With Price In India 2023 [ Updated List ]

In this article we will provide information about whiskey brands with price in India . Having whisky is a culture in some families while others drink it for fun and memories , and out of the many whiskey brands , few are the top favorites of the major whiskey lovers .

Have you ever wondered why whiskey brands in India are always the first choice? Because it is the love of all of us majorly. But do you know which whiskey brands you are missing for your classy weekend party? Check the best whisky brands in India with prices that go well for every occasion. Check the whisky brands in India with the price list below .

Now we will discuss about Whiskey brands With Price in each volume sizes (60ml, 180ml, 375ml and 750ml)

before see your favourite brand price, Let’s cheer’s

Top 10 Whiskey brands With Price :

1) Dewar’s
2) Jameson
3) Ballentine
4) Black Dog
5) Johnnie Walker’s Red Label
6) Monkey shoulder
7) Black & White
8) Teachers
9) 100 pipers
10) Royal challenge

1) Dewar’s

Whiskey Brands With Price In India 2023 [ Update List ]
  • Dewar’s White Label Whiskey smooth and buzzy is roughly Rs 3000 and is known as the top scotch.
  • High Price Whiskey In India
Dewar’s Whiskey Brands With Price750 mlRs 1029
Dewar’s Whiskey Brands With Price375 mlRs 890
Dewar’s Whiskey Brands With Price180 mlRs 500
Dewar’s Whiskey Brands With Price60 mlRs 130

2) Jameson : Whiskey

Whiskey Brands With Price In India 2023 [ Update List ]
  • It smells peppery, nutty, and sweet which makes it the whiskey lover’s choice!  It is one of the best premium scotch whisky brands in India.
  • There are the scotch whisky brands of india .
Jameson Whiskey Brands With Price60 mlRs. 400
Jameson Whiskey Brands With Price90 mlRs. 590
Jameson Whiskey Brands With Price180 mlRs. 970
Jameson Whiskey Brands With Price375 mlRs. 1,950

3) Ballentine : Whiskey brands

Whiskey Brands With Price In India 2023 [ Update List ]
  • Ballentine is the world’s highest-selling whisky which is pocket-friendly.
  • Moreover, it is the best whisky in India with a price of less than Rs 3000.
  • As friends, the older the better, So, is this premium scotch whiskey which is 12 years old and considered branded daru. Hence, this Indian scotch brand is the favorite of all whisky lovers!
  • high price ballentine whiskey in india .
Ballantine’s 17-Year-Old Whisky750 mlRs 7,590
Ballantine’s 21-Year-Old Whisky750 mlRs 12,790
Ballantine’s 30-Year-Old Whisky700 mlRs 24,900
Ballantine’s finest Scotch Whisky750mlRs 1350

4) Black Dog : Whiskey

Whiskey Brands With Price In India 2023 [ Update List ]
  • The Black Dog whiskey is a famous whisky brand that has been given seven worldwide honors for its exceptional quality.
  • In India, Black Dog Centenary is one of its newest and one of the best brands of whiskey varieties, and it has swiftly gained a whiskey lover’s taste.
  • This daru brand name is generous in taste and a well-executed blend of malt and grain that has been aged for eight years in Scotland’s whisky-producing regions.
BLACK DOG Whiskey Brands With Price1000mlRs 1930
Black Dog Whiskey Brands With Price375 mlRs 800
Black Dog Whiskey Brands With Price750 mlRs 1,600

5) Johnnie Walker’s Red Label : Whiskey

Whiskey Brands With Price In India 2023 [ Update List ]
  • Johnnie Walker’s Red Label, which was first produced in 1909 is still a popular choice.
  • It’s made by combining up to 35 different whiskies from different distilleries throughout Scotland which make it a great mixer of various drinks like whiskey’s cedar, butterscotch, and rum spice characteristics. Therefore, it is the best whiskey in India.
  • It is one of the best whisky brands in India with a price list of 3000.
Johnnie Walker Blue Label Whisky Price750 MLRs. 14,400
Johnnie Walker Blue Scotch Whisky Price750 MLRs. 15,700
Johnnie Walker Double Black Whisky Price750 MLRs. 3,120
Johnnie Walker Green Label Whisky Price750 MLRs. 4,200

6) Monkey shoulder : Whiskey

Whiskey Brands With Price In India 2023 [ Update List ]
  • It is one of the best Indian scotch and renowned name of whisky in India. 
  • Monkey shoulder price in India is under Rs 3000 on the comprehensive collection of the supreme whiskey brands in India.
  • This blended malt whisky has single malts from three of Speyside’s most renowned distilleries. The distillation process for malt whisky was the inspiration for the name of this whiskey.
Monkey Shoulder Whiskey Brands With Price750 MLRs. 3,900
Monkey Shoulder Whiskey Brands With Price375 MLRs. 1900
Monkey Shoulder Whiskey Brands With Price180 MLRs. 850
Monkey Shoulder Whiskey Brands With Price60 MLRs. 210

7) Black & White : Whiskey

Whiskey Brands With Price In India 2023 [ Update List ]
  • Besides its soothing taste and affordable scotch price in India, Black and White is an award-winning London-style blended scotch whiskey and falls under the top seventh.
  • Moreover, it is one of the best scotch in India. This blend of black & white scoth liquor is a grain whisky and a mixture of some of Scotland’s finest whisky.
  • This whisky will never make your pocket lighter with its price. Therefore, it is known as the best scotch brand in India .
Black & White Whisky Price750 MLRs. 3,900
Black & White Whisky Price375 MLRs. 1900
Black & White Whisky Price180 MLRs. 850
Black & White Whisky Price60 MLRs. 210

8) Teachers : Whiskey

  • Indians are crazy about Teacher’s Highland Cream, which is one of the most preferable brands of whisky brands in India and around the world.
  • Jim Murray awarded Teacher’s Highland Cream 90 points in his Whisky Bible.
  • It is a a good whisky to drink, and best whisky in Bangalore
  • Moreover, it tastes like a sweet toffee flavor, with hints of malt and fruitiness, and makes a great mixer.
Teachers 50 Blended Scotch Whisky Price375 mlRs 1,200
Teachers 50 Blended Scotch Whisky Price750 mlRs 20,250
Teachers 50 Blended Scotch Whisky Price1000 mlRs 2,750
Teachers 50 Blended Scotch Whisky Price60 mlRs 570

9) 100 pipers : Whiskey

Whiskey Brands With Price In India 2023 [ Update List ]
  • This Indian daru brand name, 100 Pipers is the number 2 standard whiskey Brand in India.
  • This brand of blended Scotch whisky named for the smoked notes is produced by Pernod Ricard and it holds the seventh position on the worldwide market.
  • A wonderfully 12-year-old aged whisky is hand-picked malt whisky that is synonymous with craftsmanship and finesse. It is the leading whisky scotch.
100 PIPER BLEND.S. WHISKY 12YO375mlRs.1000
100 PIPER BLEND.S. WHISKY 12YO750mlRs.2000

10) Royal challenge : Whiskey

Whiskey Brands With Price In India 2023 [ Update List ]
  • As the name states, it never fails, the royalty with its perfect fusion- a taste of scotch, Indian malts, and grain spirits that’s been blended to experience the smooth taste.
  • Royal Challenge, known as RC, is a whiskey brand in India. RC is manufactured by United Spirits Ltd, which was initially created by Shaw and Wallace but is now owned by Diageo.
  • The alcohol strength carried by Royal Challenge is 42.8% ABV, the permissible level of alcohol for whiskies in India.
Royal Challenge Whisky Price60 mlRs 80
Royal Challenge Whisky Price180 mlRs 140
Royal Challenge Whisky Cost375 mlRs 260
Royal Challenge Whisky750 mlRs 460

Conclusion – Whisky Brands with Prices

One of the best things about whiskey is you are ‘Ready to Drink’ at any time with a blend of mixtures. Thus, with the growing popularity of Whiskey in India, it has become easier to find the one you love. Now, you can easily choose which whisky brands and prices are within your budget. This list of top whisky brands in India is the recommendation given by expert mixologists and by syncing with the tastes & preferences of whiskey lovers in India. So, your weekend is all sorted with the next whisky shots.

FAQ :-

1. How old whiskey is the best whiskey?

It doesn’t matter the day, it’s manufactured. Sometimes, the one that has been packed recently tastes amazing. Since whiskeys are made in cask (hollow wooden container which is cylindrical), the longer the whiskey stays in the cast, the older it becomes, and yummier it will be and that’s the reason it is more expensive. Therefore, the duration between distillation and bottling is the age of the whiskey. 

2. Which whiskey brands are the Indian Whisky Brands?

  • Amrut Fusion Single Malt Whisky
  • Paul John Edited Single Malt Whisky
  • Officer’s Choice: Best Indian whiskey
  • Rampur Select Single Malt Whisky
  • Woodburn whisky
  • Solan Number One malt spirit whisky
  • McDowells

3. What is whiskey?

The term whisky means ‘water’, which originated in Scotland. It is a distilled alcoholic beverage made from fragmented grain mash like corn, rye, wheat, barley, etc.

4. How to drink whiskey?

There is no specific way to drink whiskey. It all depends upon how you prefer. Most people prefer neat (without any mixing), with ice or you can have it with water, soda, or any mixers. Adding on to it, whiskies look classy when they are drinking in proper whiskey glasses, which adds another point to your shots.

5. Which is the best whisky in India?

The ‘double-aged’ combination- six months in oak barrels distinguishes the Dewar’s Whiskey brand as the top choice among whiskey connoisseurs.

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