Oaken Glow Price in Assam 2023

Oaken glow price in Assam

In this article we will provide a information about Oaken glow Price in Assam.Oaken Glow Whisky is a high quality whisky manufactured with a traditional recipe and a unique distillation procedure. This whisky is renowned for its deep amber colour strong scent and smooth nuanced flavour. Only the best components, such as premium grains and clean, fresh water, are used to make Oaken Glow.

Now we will discuss about Oaken Glow whisky price in each volume sizes (90ml, 180ml, 375ml and 750ml)

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Oaken Glow Price in Assam

Oaken Glow Price in Assam1litre/1000ml₹1200
Oaken Glow Price in Assam750ml₹900
Oaken Glow Price in Assam375ml₹500
Oaken glow Price in Assam180ml₹250
Oaken Glow Price in Assam90ml₹120

About Oaken Glow whisky

A small Scottish distillery creates the premium whisky brand known as Oaken Glow.The history of Oaken Glow Whisky is long and fascinating spanning several generations. This distinctive whiskys recipe has been handed down through the family for many generations and it is presently manufactured using a closely guarded method that has been improved through time to produce the ideal flavour combination.

The whisky industry has taken notice of the distinctive and tasty Oaken Glow Whisky.A classic recipe and a special distillation technique are used to create the premium whisky Oaken Glow distinctive flavor and timeless style.Due to its popularity and unique flavor profile Oaken Glow Whisky has gained a loyal following in India among whisky connoisseurs and enthusiasts.

The production process of Oaken Glow Whiskey is one of the things that sets it apart from other whiskeys on the market. The best components are used to make this whisky including premium grains and pure fresh water.

To create the ideal fusion of flavours the components are meticulously blended and distilled after being combined. The whisky is then given its distinctive golden colour and rich mellow flavour by spending several years ageing in wood barrels.

The flavor profile of Oaken Glow whiskey is what makes it truly unique. This whiskey has a smooth and complex taste both sweet and smoky with hints of vanilla caramel and oak. 

Oaken glow whisky Review

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the price of Oaken whiskey in Assam 750ml?

The price of Oaken Glow whisky 750ml in Assam is 900 Rupees.

Is Oaken Glow scotch whisky?

Yes, Oaken Glow Whisky is a high quality whisky manufactured with a traditional recipe and a unique distillation procedure.

Oaken glow whisky alcohol percentage?

In Oaken glow whisky alcohol content is 40%(alcohol by volume).

what is the price Oaken glow whisky 375ml in Assam?

The price of Oaken Glow whisky 375ml in Assam is 500 Rupees.

what is the price Oaken glow whisky 750ml in Guwahati?

The price of Oaken Glow whisky 750ml in Guwahati is 1000 Rupees.


We sincerely hope that this article has given you more information on the current Oaken Glow price in Assam. It is essential to comprehend that the price of alcoholic beverages is shaped by several variables such as state taxes, customer demand, and production expenses.
Therefore in order to find out the exact cost of Oaken Glow whisky in Assam we advise that you visit your nearest local alcohol retailer.

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