Beer Price In Delhi 2023 [updated list]

Beer Price in delhi

In this article we will provide a information about Beer Price in Delhi. Beer is a fermented alcoholic beverage made mostly from carbohydrates derived from cereal grains. Beer can also be produced using wheat maize (corn) rice and oats. In addition to the common ingredient of malted barley. This article examines the making of beer its history and its global popularity.

Now we will discuss about Beer Price in Delhi in each volume size (330ml and 650ml)

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Beer Price In Delhi 2023

Kingfisher Beer Price In Delhi650ml₹130
Budweiser Beer Price In Delhi650ml₹135
Bro code Beer Price In Delhi650ml₹160
Tuborg Beer Price In Delhi650ml₹130
Hoegaarden Beer Price In Delhi650ml₹170
Bira Beer Price In Delhi650ml₹160
Corona Beer Price In Delhi650ml₹130
Carlsberg Beer Price In Delhi650ml₹160
Godfather Beer Price In Delhi650ml₹130
Heineken Beer Price In Delhi650ml₹150
Ginsberg Beer Price In Delhi650ml₹140
Bad Monkey Beer Price In Delhi650ml₹140
Hunter Beer Price In Delhi650ml₹130
Elephant Beer Price In Delhi650ml₹160
Miller Beer Price In Delhi650ml₹180
Thunderbolt Beer Price In Delhi650ml₹120
Daredevil Beer Price650ml₹190
Magnum Beer Price650ml₹140
Ultra Max Beer Price650ml₹180
Rockberg Beer Price In Delhi650ml₹135
Bee Young Beer Price In Delhi650ml₹135
Haywards 5000 Beer Price In Delhi650ml₹100
Lone Wolf Beer Price In Delhi650ml₹180
Medusa Beer Price In Delhi650ml₹160
Miller Beer Price In Delhi650ml₹160
Simba Beer Price In Delhi650ml₹130
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Beer Review

Beer holds the esteemed title of being the world most popular alcoholic beverage tracing its origins back to ancient times. Globally it ranks as the third most favored drink a testament to its widespread appeal. In the enchanting land of India particularly in Goa and its coastal regions, beer reigns as the undisputed champion of libations. Even in the vibrant city of Delhi, beer is consumed with exuberance and passion.

Around the world beer has a profound cultural impact.Beer is a key component of social gatherings and traditions around the world from the oktoberfest celebrations in Germany to the vibrant pub scene in Ireland.Different nations have their unique brewing traditions such as the Trappist breweries in Belgium the cask ales in England and the illustrious Czech brewing tradition. By investigating beer culture we can better understand the variety and skill that go into making this popular libation.

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In addition to being a beverage beer may improve the flavours of many other cuisines. The right beer pairing can improve a meal by bringing flavours together in a way that is complementary and harmonic. Lagers and other lighter beers go nicely with seafood and salads while IPA and stouts which are stronger and more complex can hold their own with heavy meats and decadent desserts.

Most Popular Beer Brand in Delhi

1.Bira 91

An indigenous brand called Bira 91 has become quite well known in Delhi and all of India. Bira 91 which is well known for its distinctive branding and tasty brews offers a variety of beers to suit all tastes.Each variety has a distinctive flavour from their light and hydrating Bira 91 White to the aromatic and hop forward Bira 91 IPA. In Delhi Bira 91 has come to represent the craft beer movement and you can buy their brews in a lot of pubs and shops there.


In India kingfisher is a well known brand and is particularly beloved by Delhi beer drinkers. Kingfisher is a line of beers produced by United Breweries which includes the well known Kingfisher premium lager. Kingfisher is a go to option for consumers searching for a traditional approachable beer because of its crisp and clear character. Kingfisher has made a name for itself as a standard in Delhi beer culture whether it be consumed at a neighbourhood pub a rooftop bar or at festive occasions.

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Simba is a relatively new entrant in the Delhi beer industry but it has already established a reputation for producing high quality beverages. The simba wit, simba Jungle and simba Stout are just a some of the many beers that simba has to offer. Each variation has its own distinctive flavoUrs and personality that cater to various tastes. Simba has developed a devoted following among beer fans in Delhi thanks to their dedication to employing high quality ingredients and their focus on providing a fantastic drinking experience.

Where To Buy Beer in Delhi

There are several places where you can buy beer in Delhi. Here are some of the most popular options:

Liquor Shop

The most typical places to purchase beer in Delhi are liquor stores. The city is home to a number of shops including permitted shops and establishments controlled by the government.

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Online Stores

Many consumers in Delhi are choosing to buy beer from online retailers more frequently. Online whisky shopping is easy and convenient thanks to websites like Amazon, Flipkart and BigBasket which provide a wide variety of whiskies

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the price of Bee Young Beer 650ml in Delhi?

The price of Bee Young Beer in Delhi 650ml is 135 Rupees.

What is the price of Thunderbolt Beer bottle in Delhi?

The price of Thunderbolt Beer in Delhi 650ml is 120 Rupees.

What is the price of Hoegaarden Beer 650ml in Delhi?

The price of Hoegaarden Beer 650ml in Delhi is 170 Rupees.

What is the rate of Miller Beer 650ml In Delhi ?

The rate of Miller Beer 650ml is 180 Rupees.

What is the price of Haywards 5000 Beer 650ml in Delhi?

The cost of Haywards 5000 Beer 650ml is 100 Rupees.

What is the price of Budweiser Beer 650ml in Delhi?

The price of Budweiser Beer 650ml in Delhi is 135 Rupees.


We sincerely hope that this article has given you more information on the current Beer price in Delhi. It is essential to comprehend that the price of alcoholic beverages is shaped by several variables such as state taxes, customer demand, and production expenses.
Therefore in order to find out the exact cost of Beer in Delhi we advise that you visit your nearest local alcohol retailer.

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